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Animals looking for home

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Please take a short time to read the following information:

all our dogs aged 8 months or older are marked as neutralized on our homepage. Usually the neutralization will take place after your reservation. Puppies and old or sick dogs will not be neutralized.
We need about 10 days prior to travel to prepare an animal accordingly.

We are covering all costs in Hungary for the travelling animal. This also means, that in case of your reservation we will have to pay these charges. In case a reservation is withdrawn we will have to bill you with the expenses. Please always discuss with your entire family if you would like to make the adoption, before you place the reservation with us.

Regarding cats the same pemises apply. Cats will be already neutralized from 5 months of age onwards.

Adoptions and adoption fee:
please understand, that we can't give an animal to persons not being able to pay the adoption fee. Animal loving alone is not enough to pay for the living expenses like food, Vet, tax, insurance and so on. It is not possible to pay the fee in rates, because we don't have an accounting department who can check if all the payments are made in time. Unfortunately the past has shown quite a bad moral when it comes to paying bills. To make our work possible we are dependent on the adoption fees.

The fee has to be payed by bank transfer before the arrival of the animal. We need the money in advance to pay the medical bills for the preparation of the animals on site. As we usually transport 30 or 40 animals per trip, there is an enormous amount of money coming together.

We will always do a personal place check and visit you in your home to see how the animal will live. The prime target is always, that animal and owner make a good team together. Please understand, that we don't give puppies to older persons or to full time workers nor will we give a great dane to an appartement on the 3rd floor.

Questions and information regarding the animals:
very often we are asked if an animal is fine with children, cats or other small animals and what an animal has already learned. Most of the time we don't know anything about the past of the animals and therefore we can't answer these questions. We can only give you an impression of how the animal presents itself at the shelter. Please remember, that the shelter surrounding is nothing like a home and the behaviour might change entirely in a new surrounding.

We can't take any guarantees for a behaviour. We are dealing with living creatures and therefore there are a lot of factors, that change permanently.

Thank you for your interest and understanding and please proceed here to our animals:

our animals


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