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The shelter

The shelter of Miskolc

The shelter of Miskolc ("Miskolci Àllatsegítö Alapítvány") was founded in the year 2000 and accommodates between 180 and 220 dogs.
It is located at the entrance of Miskolc on top of a hill.

The kennels are mainly self built out of metal material with make shift roofs. The dog houses are out of thin wood with no protection against heat or cold.

In the year 2004 there was a light earthquake, that lead to about half of the kennels and the main building sliding down. In the following year the gap got bigger and bigger, so that there is a difference in height of about 10 m now and still the process is going on.

The main building was destroyed entirely and since then the shelter has no running water or gas anymore.

One is forced to collect rainwater in big barrels and everything that is missing needs to be driven to the shelter.

There are two small wooden barracks. In one is a place for freshly operated dogs and the second one contains an office and a possibility for the workers to warm up and sit down.
Luckily there is at least electricity in these rooms.

Behind this place is a roofed part, under which food is collected such as old bread in bath tubs for the dogs. Also there is a storage room for food, but there is hardly ever enough, so the shelter is forced to beg for left overs from restaurants.
In big metal pots, meat waist is cooked to kill germs and bacteria.

Besides the shelter business there is an old car available used as an animal ambulance. Rita Horváth is on duty nearly 24 hours a day to help injured animals and hardly ever the shelter is being payed for it. Usually not even the costs for gas in case the accident is further away.

The helpers of the shelter face unhumane terms for their work. Despite this fact they try to make the life of the dogs as good as possible. Not an easy case without food, blankets or medication.
All there is left sometimes is talking to the animals and giving attention and love.

Since 2006 the shelter has a new ground from the city and has 5 years to get a new shelter started there. In case they manage, the ground will be given to the shelter legally.
Until now only the fundament is built and to get to the state where at least the main buildings can be in use, there is a lack of 40.000 Euros.
A long way to go.

Until now the shelter never received regular help from outside most likely because it is so far from the Austrian border. Miskolc is at the border to Slovakia about 1,5 hours away from Budapest.
Despite many self motivated projects and advertising help is needed. Especially since the catastrophy in the year 2004.


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