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Donations and Shop

Via this Paypal shop you can buy virtual articles. It actually means, that you are donating and amount for a special purpose. We collect the donated money and will buy the requested article on site. The reason behind this is the problem of bringing heavy good to Hungary. Our truck is often overloaded, which is a risk for the driver. Sometimes it makes more sense to buy the goods on site in order to help more efficiently.

In the following you can fill your shopping cart and simply pay via Paypal.

Piece of fence 1 m x 1,80 m

The ground of the newly built shelter in Miskolc needs to be fenced in securely. Fences are very expensive though. Please take part in the buildung of the new fence for the security of the animals.
600 m of fence are needed in total, 220 m meters of stronger fence at the front and 380 m of cheaper fence at the back.
I would like to donate a piece of fence ...
Fence at the front at a price of   27,00 €
Fence at the back at a price of   16,50 €

A 5 day dose of Flubenol against worms and Giardia

  10,00 €

1 palette of canned food for older dogs

  12,00 €

collars in different sizes. Importat for the travel.

... small   5,00 €
... medium   8,00 €
... large   12,00 €

2 kg of puppy milk

  20,00 €

15 kg of dry food

  20,00 €

15 kg of dry puppy food

  30,00 €

dog houses in different sizes

... small   50,00 €
... medium   80,00 €
... large   100,00 €


Male   50,00 €
Female   80,00 €

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