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Your help

In case you would like to support us, there are various ways to help according to your own possibilities.

Would you like to give one of our animals a Foster homes until it finds a family?

When going to Hungary there are always animals, that are prepared for travel, neutralized and vaccinated, but that don't have a home yet. It is always sad to leave these animals behind.

To make room at the shelter and to improve the chances to be adopted for these animals it would be great to fill our blank spaces in the car and take these animals to foster families.

In case you have questions, please get in touch with us under

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Would you like to participate in a trip to Hungary?

The trips take place from Friday to Sunday. Hotel and food/drinks will have to be covered by everybody themselves. You will need to have a valid driving license to drive a truck of 3,5 tons and you should be willing to take turns in driving.

The travel time will be at least 14 hours and on the way back it is possible, that you will be at the last stop in the middle of the night


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You don't have time or the ability to actively help us?

We are always dependent on financial aid to finance the trip, the medical costs and else.

Of course you can donate for a special purpose.
Please have a look at our current projects.

Our bank data:
Volksbank Mönchengladbach
account number: 2021267018
bank code: 31060517


Simply use our PayPal option for your online donations.

If you are going to make a bank transfer from a foreign country you will need the following information:
IBAN:  DE06310605172021267018

We will send you an donation receipt on request.

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Become a member?

If you would like to become a member you ensure with your fee, that we can covers the costs for our work. Certainly you will be kept up to date about our progress.

You can find the application form here:application form

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You have collected non financial donations?

We can use towels, blankets (non filled ones), medical supplies, food, leashes and collars, bowls and other animal equipment. Please ask if you are unsure.

Please understand, that we can't always take your donations, because we have limited storage available.

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