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Current Projects

Our work should not stop at simply bringing as many animals to Germany as possible, but we would also like to give the possibility for the shelters to help themselves. This unfortunately is only possible with money.

Building of the new shelter in Miskoc:

In 2006, two years after the destruction of the original shelter by an earth quake, the city of Miskolc provided a new ground for the shelter under the condition, that the new buildings will be ready to move in within 5 years.
A big project as you can imagine, but when ready it will be a blessing for the animals. To finish the major part of the buildings, there are abour 40000 Euro missing. This is an anormous sum, but still everyone can help. The project will be continued step by step and every stone, every piece of fence and every Euro helps to get closer to the big goal.

Please help us to give the shelter animals a new interim home, where they can lead a halfway decent life. With a roof over their head, water and food. We will document the ongoing of the project for you here. You can make your donation under the keyword "new shelter".


Accomodation of the dogs on the old ground:

Still all dogs have to be accomodated on the destroyed old shelter ground, until they can be moved to the new shelter hopefully in the near future.
The ground is still sliding down more and more, therefore no building activity makes sense there anymore. Despite this fact, we need to make life for the dogs as pleasant as possible, which is not easy without flowing water food or weather protection.
The capacity to drive donations to Hungary is limitied, therefore the most effective method of helping is to provide enough money for the shelter to buy food and dog houses. Everything that can be transported to the new shelter later is very welcome to make the life of the dogs better.

If you would like to help, please donate with the keyword "dog accomodation". Thank you!



Still many animals can't be neutralized in the shelters. Twice a year we are run down by many puppies being born. Some of them are conceived at the shelter, because the animals often can't be separated well enough. Often every bit of room is used and animals of the same gender don't always go well together.
We would like to achieve, that at least the incoming males can be neutralized.
On the one hand of course to avoid breeding and on the other hand to calm down the stress amnong the animals. In the long run we would like to have all dogs neutralized, that are being adopted in Hungary. This is the only way to decrease the population of the animals.

In case you would like to help, you can sponsor a neutralization. The operation of a female costs about 80 Euros and of a male about 50 Euros.

You can transfer your donation to us with the key word "neutralization"

or simply use our Paypal option on our Donations & Shop page.


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